Cryptounit Program latest news

We bring to your attention the fifth episode of the “Weekly CRU-report” section, where we highlight the latest news about the development of the Global investment portfolio and the life of the NEEW Consumer Community.

We value transparency and are therefore sharing the data on the development of the “CryptoUnit” program Closed club with you.

Last week, from December 2 to 8, 2019, we achieved great results:

  • 16187 new users (+134,12%);
  • 8859 new partners (+72,52%);
  • Conversion of partner agreement signings to new registrations was 54,73%;
  • Country-leaders in terms of registrations: Vietnam, India, Kazakhstan;
  • Loyalty Program bonus for November has been paid out, the coefficient was 0.000015464571471 Unit per 1 Unit/CRU point.

The following changes happened among the companies whose partners we’ve become:

Innovative transport technology

Development of the Innovative transport technology transitioned to the 14th, second to last, stage, which was divided into several substages, on December 5 at 23:59. A serious reduction in the discount took place as a result of the transition to stage 14.1.

“Sushi Master”

Kazakhstan, Almaty

Last week, three restaurants were opened at once. A rich festive program, tasting, contests and games attracted a huge number of regular customers.

We are waiting for you in Almaty at:

  • st. Abylay Khan, d. 68.
  • st. Auezova, d. 167.
  • MKr. 10A, building 22 (Saina).
  • st. Bauyrzhan Momyshuly, d. 25, residential complex Ush Sunkar.
  • st. Kurmangazy, d. 113.
  • st. Tole Bee, d. 221/1
  • Microdistrict Orbit-4, building 10.
“Sushi Master” in Kazakhstan

Russia, Kemerovo

Three restaurants are working successfully. At the moment, finishing work is underway at several locations.

We are waiting for you in Kemerovo at:

  • st. Stroiteley, d. 42.
  • st. Radishchev, d. 4.
  • Soviet alley, d. 43.

Russia, Yekaterinburg

Last week, the festive opening of a restaurant at st. Wilhelm de Genin, 37 took place. The opening was attended by a huge number of citizens who were delighted with the rich holiday program, tasting rolls, contests and prizes. At the moment, construction and installation work is underway at another location at: st. Bardina, 17. There are two more restaurants in the project.

We are waiting for you in Yekaterinburg at:

  • st. Bolshevitsky, d. 86.
  • st. Shchorsa, d. 29.
  • st. Crowley, d. 69.
  • st. East, d. 98.
  • ave. Chelyuskintsev, d.19.
  • st. Titova, d.12.
  • st. Griboedova, d. 28.
  • st. Wilhelm de Gennina, d. 37.

Russia, Kazan

Three restaurants are ready for opening. Construction and installation work is underway in two locations. There is another restaurant in the project, negotiations are underway.

We thank all partners for their active work and the desire for swift development!

With faith in the New Economic Evolution of the World, Consumer Community NEEW team.

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