Cryptounit Program latest news

We would like to bring to your attention a new episode of the “Weekly CRU-report” section, where we highlight the latest news on the development of the Global investment portfolio and the life of the Consumer Community NEEW.

We value transparency, which is why we are sharing the data on the development of the “CryptoUnit” program Closed club with you.

Last week, from November 25 to December 1, 2019, we achieved the following results:

  • 6914 new users (+73,28%);
  • 5135 new partners (+100,74%);
  • conversion of partnership agreement signings to new registrations was 74,27%;
  • countries-leaders in terms of registrations: India, Colombia, Peru.

The following changes took place in the companies, whose partners we became:

Trading in gold

This is the direction of highly liquid instruments with a potential profit of up to 1.5% of the transaction. It is possible to carry out 2-3 transactions per month with the potential to increase up to 6 transactions per month. Possible potential profit of 3-9% per month.

The last investment payment is left to be carried out.

“Innovative basalt technologies”

A contract has been signed for the supply of crushed stone for production at a plant in Gdansk, Poland. Preparatory and repair work is under way to install the necessary equipment.

We present to you the appeal of Dmitry Voronov, project manager for the production of continuous basalt fiber in Gdansk.

“Sushi Master”

Kazakhstan, Almaty

Last week, the pre-opening of four restaurants took place at once. There were small finishing touches before the festive openings. We will publish the details later. Construction and installation work is underway in three more locations.

We are waiting for you in Almaty at:

  • st. Abylay Khan, 68.
  • st. Auezova, 167.
  • MKr. 10A, building 22 (Saina).
  • st. Bauyrzhan Momyshuly, 25, residential complex Ush Sunkar.

Russia, Kemerovo

Three restaurants are operating successfully. Pre-opening of a restaurant on Moskovskiy avenue, 11 took place. Projects of two more restaurants were added at: Lenina st., 113 and Shahterov st., 49. Finishing works are currently underway there.

We are waiting for you in Kemerovo at:

  • Stroiteley st., 42.
  • Radisheva st., 4.
  • Sovetskiy lane, 43.

Russia, Yekaterinburg

Last week, the festive opening of the restaurant took place at: Griboedov st., 28, as well as the pre-opening of the next restaurant, located at: st. Wilhelm de Genin, 37. At the moment, construction and installation work is underway at another location at: Bardina st., 17. There are two more restaurants in the project.

We would like to invite you to our restaurants, where you can enjoy your meal or take it out, as well as order home delivery:

  • Bolshevitsky st., 86.
  • Shchorsa st., 29.
  • Crowley st., 69.
  • East st., 98.
  • Ave. Chelyuskintsev, 19.
  • Titova st., 12.
  • Griboedova st., 28.
Sushi Master Restaurant

Russia, Kazan

Three restaurants are ready for opening. Construction and installation work is underway in two locations. Another restaurant is in the project, negotiations are underway.

This week, celebrations will take place in the new restaurants of the chain. We invite all co-investing partners and guests to come for a tasty meal, have fun and thereby bring profit to the Global Investment Portfolio:

Kazakhstan, Almaty:

  • December 6, Friday, at 14:00 – Lurmangazy st., 113;
  • December 7, Saturday, at 14:00 – Tole-bi st., 221/1;
  • December 8, Sunday, at 14:00 – microdistrict Orbita-4, 10.

Russia, Yekaterinburg:

  • December 7, Saturday, at 13:00 – Vilhelma de Gennina st., 37.

We thank all partners for their active work and the desire for swift development!

With faith in the New Economic Evolution of the World, Consumer Community NEEW team.

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