We Are Extending the Golden Friday Promotion!

In anticipation of the company’s birthday celebration, the EVENTI 2020 promotion is in especially high demand, as it allows you to double all CRU points received in September 2020 by completing its conditions.

In order for each partner to have time to significantly increase their share in the Global Portfolio and gain knowledge at an attractive price, we have decided to extend the “Golden Friday” promotion until 22:59 Central European time on Sunday 27 September.

Use the EVORICH promo code and get a serious discount on the purchase of EIP VIP-CRU (you may purchase an unlimited number of packages) and EIP VIP-CRU Installments (the discount is only available on the first payment) for all members of the VIP-club of a Private Investor.

ATTENTION! After selecting the desired EIP and entering the EVORICH code in the relevant field, you must:

  1. press on “APPLY” to activate the code;
  2. wait for activation and recalculation of the payment amount with the discount;
  3. and only press “BUY” after that.

Ready for a great deal? Happy shopping!

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