We are Accruing Bonuses!

Dear friends, as we promised earlier, we are beginning the accrual of bonuses from the company to those partners who supported us and participated in the anniversary EVENTI2019: NEEW conference, which was held on October 12 and 13 in New Delhi.

Take a look at the promised bonuses:

  • Accrual of the second part of UNIT/CRU bonus points for visiting the conference to those who purchased EIP EVENTI2019: NEEW in the CRU Personal Account from June 1 to October 5.
  • Everyone who visited EVENTI2019 will get a double loyalty program bonus and a double bonus-profi for October.
  • Previously unannounced surprise from the company! Everyone who participated in EVENTI2019: NEEW will receive an additional 30.000 UNIT/CRU points, while viewers of the live broadcast - 15.000 UNIT/CRU points.

In order to receive these bonuses you must do the following until November 1 inclusive:

  • Follow the link and press the “Submit an application” button
  • Attached a copy of the EVENTI2019 ticket which you used to get into the event
  • Attach a document proving travel expenses (plane, train tickets, etc) indicating your name in the document.
  • Attach your photo (selfies allowed) from the event.

Once we check your uploaded documents and their compliance, the bonuses will be accrued to your personal account.

Pay attention: only verified users can create applications.

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