Surely, you have already noticed that clients of our company can get even more benefits by joining certain closed clubs.

VIP-club vs ELITE-club: Advantages and Differences

The main goal of such clubs is to encourage active and loyal partners of the company, who understand and share our philosophy, actively participate in the life of the company, regularly study, tirelessly increasing their professionalism.

At the moment, there are two privilege clubs: the VIP-club of a Private Investor and the ELITE-club. Let's take a look at what they are for and how they differ.

VIP-club of a Private Investor

Location: API PA (Personal Account)

Cost of participation: paid monthly from 10 to 100 units (depending on the status under the partner program)

Advantages: the ability to pay for goods from the “EIP VIP-CRU Installments” category and receive accruals under the partner program for payment of these goods by your partners (for installments issued before January 12, 2021), bonuses in UNT are credited to the bonus account in the Evorich PA.

Additional features:

  • Exclusive offers;
  • Discounts on educational and informational products of the company;
  • Putting the acquired knowledge in practice;
  • Opportunity to receive increased bonuses under the loyalty program;

Attention! In order to pay for packages containing WorldCRU security tokens, a subscription to the VIP-Club of a Private Investor is not required.


Location: UGPay Group PA (Personal Account)

Cost of participation: 100 units, paid once a year

Advantages: when paying for a WCRU package of 1000 units or more, the opportunity to receive an additional 11% to 100% to the total number of WorldCRU security tokens

Additional features:

  • Participation in various projects on exclusive terms;
  • Participation in offers and promotions;
  • Opportunity to become part of an elite club of investors and receive the best deals on the market.

Attention! In order to get an ELITE-club discount on WCRU packages, you need to pay for goods from the ”Batch purchase with a discount” category!

Partners who actively participate in the life of the company are our solid foundation and irreplaceable support, and they definitely deserve additional privileges for their contribution to the development of the company.