Dear partners, attention!

Technical work will be carried out on the UnitEx One platform on 23.03.2021 from 9:00 to 16:00 Central European time (UTC+1).

UnitEx.one: Technical Works

To date, all requests for withdrawal of funds in CRU tokens and UNTB tokens purchased on the exchange have already been approved and confirmed. 176 applications for withdrawal in BTC, ETH, EOS, USDU remained under review. After the completion of technical work, the withdrawal of funds will be resumed.

We also warn you that as a result of technical works, all orders placed on the market in the CRU-USDU pair, as well as the CRU price limiter of 0.2 USDU, will be canceled.

As a result of the first two days of trading on the exchange, more than 2 257 000 CRU exchanges were made for the amount of 451 447 USDU. But due to the fact that many third-party chats for P2P exchanges have appeared, which strongly negatively affect the formation of the market value of the token, we are forced to remove the established restriction and release the rate.

We also inform you that in the near future it will be possible to re-verify those partners who were previously refused.

To reduce the load on the exchange servers, unverified partners were disconnected from access to trading in the early days. After carrying out technical works, it will be possible to trade without verification within the $500 limit.

Planned technical works to improve the quality of service for our customers on the UnitEx One exchange will be carried out regularly. We ask all partners to be sympathetic to temporary difficulties.

UnitEx One Features:

  • Reliable storage: They have the best technical and security team that develops cold and hot wallets. Customer’s funds are stored in custodian wallets
  • Universal trade: UnitEx One maintains a positional trade and the trade on the market. And also they have staking tokens on the blockchain to generate revenue under the Proof-of-Stake concession
  • Users around the world: Traders from more than 130 countries can join UnitEx and get access to a full range of services
  • High speed data flow: The UnitEx One exchange is built on micro services and deployed on a Kubernetes cluster, that makes high-speed operations possible
  • Secured Wallet: Designed to deposit and withdraw 20 coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Altcoins (and other most popular altcoins)
  • Reliable Security Solutions: Provides 2 step verification to authenticate users and protect them from
  • Depth & Candle charts: Convenient charts and candles help traders to navigate the market quickly and make successful deals
  • Lower Exchange Fees: UnitEx One provides trading facilities in a very low price and market maker fees are also low in amount