UGPay Group: Important Clarifications

Dear partners!

At the moment, all efforts of our IT specialists are directed to the final stages of setting up and testing platforms. In this regard, the launch of UGPAY GROUP and the start of sales of the WCRU security token is postponed.

All checks will be completed very soon, and you will be able to become the owner of the exclusive WCRU security token during December.


Take full responsibility for what you post on social media. When you post unverified, knowingly false or premature information, remember that this can seriously harm not only the company, but also yourself.

And in order to form a positive image of the company in the information space, as well as to maintain a high reputation in the eyes of our clients and partners, we ask you to follow all recommendations on the non-disclosure of information that you receive at closed meetings.

We try our best to shorten your wait time.

Hope for your understanding!

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