Would you like to go back in time 10 years and buy at least $100 worth of BTC?

UGPay Group Continues to Give Gifts

Most likely, many have thought about it and torment themselves with thoughts of missed opportunities. Bitcoin was just the first. It, of course, remains to this day, but cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies continue to evolve rapidly. New, more and more perfect and daring ideas appear.

The UGPay Group WCRU investment portfolio is a vivid evidence of how the ideas of the classic investment business are being integrated with the latest market of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry in the modern world.

And right now you have a unique opportunity to become the owner of a share of the Global Portfolio operating in all areas of the economy through the purchase of tokenized shares (WCRU security tokens). Moreover, do it at the earliest stage under the most favorable conditions.

On the eve of the transition to stage 2 of development, UGPay Group continues to give the opportunity to as many customers as possible to jump on the departing train and receive the maximum number of WCRU security tokens.

  • From March 23 to March 31 inclusive, UGPay Group gives a bonus of 15% WCRU tokens with every purchase.
  • From April 1, 2021 - transition to the second stage of development (followed by an increase in the cost of the token to 0.5 UNT instead of 0.4 UNT at the current stage).

You only have 10 days to join the new Global Project so you don’t have to look back in the future and regret the missed opportunities.

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