uGain Presentation of Business Opportunities

Dear friends!

A meeting with managers of the uGain project will be held on Friday, 8 January at 17:00 Central European time, where you will learn all of the advantages of conducting business with uGain.

Meeting program:

  • Types of income in the uGain system
  • Marketing plan
  • Work strategy to achieve results in the uGain competition

Speaker of the meeting:

  • Dragos Stanciu - Representative of the Strategic Department, Partner Program President, uGain project manager, Leader of the company in Italy, international speaker.

Attention! The meeting is only available to members of the VIP-club of a Private Investor (grace period not taken into account) and will be held in several languages simultaneously: Russian, English, Italian, Spanish, Hindi, Vietnamese, Arabic.

Are you a member of the VIP-club of a Private Investor? Looks for links to enter the webinar room in your personal messages and email indicated during account registration.

See you at the webinar!