Transition to a New Development Stage of the CRU Program

From December 1, the CRU program transitions to the 5th stage of the II part of development, moving closer and closer to its goal. This means that we will certainly face significant changes in conditions. Check them out below.

  1. Reduction in the discount (check the table).
  2. A new EIP Minimal costing 10 UNT will be added, which will contain 28 CRU points.
  3. New installment conditions. From December 1 the EIP Beginner costing 50 UNT will be discontinued. The opportunity to pay for this EIP will remain only for those who, by December 1, purchase the installment plan and make at least one payment.
  4. Reduction of bonus-plan accruals in CRU points to 40%.

Pay attention: after the launch of the UGPAY GROUP PA and start of sales of the WCRU security token, EIP will no longer contain bonus CRU points, CRU points will not be credited under the bonus plan, and it will be no longer possible to purchase WCRU tokens in installments.

Our team has done a great job during the current stage, thanks to which early clients will be able to get long-awaited results in the coming month.

Now is a good time to join the project if you are not already with us!

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