The Transition Has Taken Place

What Is Hidden Behind the Transition to the 6th Stage of the II Part of the CRU Program Development?

First, congratulations - the transition has taken place!

Secondly, we remind you of the main things that have changed:

  1. Reduction in the discount. The number of CRU gift points in EIPs has decreased significantly.
  2. Cancellation of installments. It is no longer possible to purchase products in installments, only full payment. For installments issued before January 12, it is possible to make monthly payments until the installments are fully paid off.
  3. Reduction of bonus plan accruals in CRU points. At the current stage, accrual in CRU points is 30%.
  4. Approximately from January 18, from the date of the start of WCRU sales, the grace period for the VIP-club of a Private Investor will end. If you want to pay for EIP CRU or pay by installments, then take care of a full subscription.
  5. From this day on, bonuses under the partner program for the sale of goods from the EIP CRU section will be credited only with an active subscription to the VIP-club. If you are an active partner, then also take care of a full subscription.
  6. Bonus CRU points in EIPs will only be included until 31.01.21 inclusive. It will no longer be possible to buy or receive CRU points as a gift in your personal account.

Important: UGPay Group Personal Account is already open! And approximately on January 18, 2021, the long-awaited opportunity to purchase WorldCRU (WCRU) security tokens will become available.

In many ways, the CRU program is developing thanks to our partners. We thank everyone who takes an active part in this.