The Best Way to Get to Virtual GoPro

Have you been looking for a Virtual GoPro ticket for a long time? Perhaps you passed the free International Interactive Marathon "Go Pro 7-Day Recruiting Challenge", were personally convinced of the high quality of the information provided and firmly decided to undergo training with the famous Eric Worre and the world's best speakers, as well as sign up for the subsequent annual support from top leaders of our company?

Yet there is one but? Is the price stopping you?

Perhaps this was the reason for someone to postpone the purchase earlier... but not now!

Because now you can get the best education for the development of your multilevel business today by purchasing EIP GO PRO RECRUITING MASTERY - CRU in installments!

Let's see what offer is available to you:

Installment plan for 5 months with payments of 200 UNT per month.

The item includes:

  • Virtual GoPro ticket
  • annual support of participants from Evorich Top Leaders*
  • 1997 CRU points**

* Annual support will be available only after full payment of the installment plan. To participate from the start, pay off the remaining number of periods, thereby closing the installment plan.

** CRU points will also be credited when the entire installment plan is paid off.

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