Summary Meeting With the Company’s Management

We invite you to take part in a summary meeting with the company’s management on 05 December 2020 at 13:00 Central European time, where you will hear a detailed company development report, learn the plans for the nearest future and get reliable answers to popular questions.

Webinar program:

  • Report on the results of the company’s activities for November and plans for December.
  • Data Mining: project news, results of partners, mining prospects.
  • EduCafe: opening restaurants and developing a chain around the world.
  • Cryptounit Blockchain: Important News.
  • News of the Academy of a Private Investor and the “Genius of Finance – boxed version” project.
  • UGain project development news.
  • Financial report.
  • Q&A.

Speakers of the meeting:

  • Dragos Stanciu – Representative of the strategic department, Representative of the Board of Ambassadors of the company, partner program President, uGain project manager, Leader of the company in Italy, international speaker.
  • Neil Morrison – Representative of the Board of Ambassadors, partner program President, certified “Master-Profi” coach, international speaker.
  • Harin Arun – Deputy Head of the Investment Department, partner program Top Manager, International Speaker.
  • Martial Niyonzima – Representative of the Board of Ambassadors, partner program Vice President, Master of Computer Science, International Speaker.
  • Tatiana Zhuravleva – Regular investor, graduate of the “Master-Profi” training, “Genius of Finance” (desktop and online versions) project manager, head of the Education Department.
  • Yuri Yarmolovich – head of the EduCafe project, launched a network of successful “Americana Group” (KFC, Costa Coffee, etc.) cafes in Kazakhstan, which took the third place in the world in terms of turnover and quality in the ranking of KFC brand restaurants, launched the Burger King project in Kazakhstan, has his own Fast Food projects in Kazakhstan.

Host of the meeting: Adriana Martinez Narroquin

The meeting will be held in several languages simultaneously. Choose the language that suits you, register and wait for the start of the meeting.

Russian room

English room

Italian room

Spanish room

Vietnamese room

Arabic room

Hindi room

Manipur room

Tamil room

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