Summary Meeting 09-01-2021

Do you want to hear a detailed report on the development of the company, find out plans for the near future and get reliable answers to popular questions?

Then be sure to come to the first final meeting of 2021, which will take place on January 09, 2021 at 13:00 Central European time.

Webinar program:

  • Report on the company’s results for December and plans for January.
  • Evorich news: active promotions for new partners and affordable benefits for everyone.
  • Cryptounit Blockchain: Important News.
  • Financial report.
  • Q&A.

Speakers of the meeting:

  • Harin Arun – Deputy Head of the Investment Department, partner program Top Manager, International Speaker.
  • Maria Antonenko – Head of Blockchain Technology Implementation Department, partner program Vice President, expert in personal and corporate finance management.
  • José Manuel Álvarez Rodríguez – Representative of the Board of Ambassadors of the company, partner program Top-Manager, international speaker, Leader of the company in Spain.
  • Francesco Ficara – partner program President, Evorich Promoter, Entrepreneur, Private Investor, International Speaker.

Host of the meeting:

  • Ruta Dolbear – partner program Top-Manager, UK Local Leadership Council Representative, International Speaker.

The meeting will be held in several languages simultaneously. Choose the one that suits you and register in advance.

Russian room

English room

Italian room

Spanish room

Vietnamese room

Arabic room

Hindi room

Manipur room

Tamil room

Dutch room

German room

French room