11 September 2021, at 8:00 New York / 13:00 London / 14:00 Rome / 15:00 Moscow / 17:30 New Delhi time

We know you have been waiting for this.

Start uGain and Exam for Promoters and Clients

We can finally announce the launch of the uGain application for all users! A 3-month free trial period of uGain will be launched for all customers of the service on September 10: promoters, entrepreneurs and their clients.

In this regard, an open meeting with the project manager - Dragos Stanciu, will be held on Saturday, 11 September 2021, at 8:00 New York / 13:00 London / 14:00 Rome / 15:00 Moscow / 17:30 New Delhi time, where he will tell in detail about what exactly is being launched at this stage, how to start working with the application and when the next exam will take place, as well as discuss the benefits and capabilities of the service for each project participant.

The webinar will be useful to everyone: promoters will learn how to create a base of companies in order to take part in the uGain competition, entrepreneurs will learn how to get access to the system of managing trade relations with clients, and ordinary users will see how to save money while increasing the level of service.

In addition, the conditions for participation in the exam for promoters, which will take place from 11 to 16 September this year, will be announced. All materials required to prepare for the exam are in your Evorich personal account in the Library → uGain and basics of sales training section.

Meeting program:

  • Everything about starting to work with the uGain application
  • Find out what functions are launched and how to work with them
  • What to expect from uGain launch
  • How to get a 3-month free trial
  • How to get started with the application

Speaker of the meeting:

  • Dragos Stanciu — Representative of the Strategic Department, Evorich partner program President, company leader in Italy, coordinator of global investment portfolio projects, uGain project manager, director of API Italy, certified “Master-Profi” coach and host of “Genius of Finance”, international speaker, professional investor , professional entrepreneur, member of the "Worlds Generals - for Peace" Association.

Attention! The meeting will be openly available in several languages at the same time. Choose the one that suits you, register in advance and wait for the start of the webinar.

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