Start of Sales of WCRU Tokens

Dear partners, dear friends!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and great news:

Official launch of the UGPAY GROUP Personal Account and start of sales of WCRU security tokens is planned for 11 January 2021.

Cost of 1 WCRU at the start of sales will be 0,40 UNT.

But you have an opportunity to get up to +100% WCRU as a gift! Want it?

Then join the ELITE-club (the cost of an annual subscription in the first month will be only 100 UNT), which will open up additional opportunities for you:

  • participation in various projects of the company on exclusive terms;
  • creation of additional sources of income;
  • access to training from the company's Top Leaders;
  • participation in promotions, offers, contests;
  • an opportunity to become a part of an elite club of investors and receive the best offers on the market.

But the most important advantage of the ELITE-club is an opportunity to receive additional WCRU tokens as a bonus when purchasing packages worth 1000 UNT or more!

Details coming soon.

If there are any changes, we will definitely inform you about it, follow the official news!