20 July 2021 Update of the Vip-club of a Private Investor

We received quite a lot of questions from our clients following the launch of the VIP-club of a Private Investor. We gathered the most common questions and answered them.

Questions About Vip Club Answered

Question 1: What does the VIP-club provide?

Answer: Participants of the VIP-club get a series of privileges and additional opportunities:

  • opportunity to become a participant of the CryptoUnit program closed club (purchase CRU EIP and receive bonus CRU points)
  • opportunity to receive CRU partner program accruals
  • access to staking
  • access to internal CRU exchange
  • discounts on educational-information products of the company
  • opportunity to receive increased loyalty program bonuses
  • opportunity to visit closed Global investment portfolio reporting meetings (with personal CRU volumes from 1000 units or the Consultant status and above)

Question 2: How do I become a member of the VIP-club?

Answer: Any participant of the Academy of a Private Investor project who would like to get additional opportunities has to pay for membership in the VIP-club (club fee) in the API Personal Account.

Question 3: How much is the loyalty program bonus for participants of the VIP-club?

Answer: The first 3 months from the day the club launches (April, May and June), the loyalty program bonus for all partners will be 10% of the total amount of funds raised by the CryptoUnit program. Additional incentive for VIP-club members (club bonus): 10% of total club fees.

The conditions are subject to change after the 3 month grace period has elapsed.

The 10% loyalty program bonus and 10% of the club fees are divided between all club members.

If the participant stops paying the club fee, they can only rely on the loyalty program bonus.

Question 4: What does staking provide?

Answer: Staking is an opportunity to increase the total number of unblocked CRU points by placing them on a depo-account. Unblocked CRU points are awarded by staking in the amount of 1% to 2.5% of the total amount of CRU points placed on the depo-account per month. Accruals to the account with unlocked CRUs in the “CryptoUnit” program Personal Account are made monthly.

Question 5: CRU points accrued from staking can be used immediately or only after the end of the term for placement on the depo-account?

Answer: Unblocked CRU points accrued from staking can be used for CRU exchange immediately after accrual.

Question 6: Do I need to renew the VIP-club subscription monthly to place CRU points on the depo-account for 3 months and more?

Answer: Yes, the VIP-club subscription must be extended monthly for the whole duration of the placement, this is an essential condition for staking.

Question 7: Can CRU be placed for staking under several tariffs at the same time?

Answer: Yes, they can.

Question 8: If a user places CRU points for staking, say, for 6 months, and stops paying the club fee after 2 months (does not renew the VIP-club subscription), what will happen with the staking?

Answer: The current staking will be cancelled and CRU point percentages accrued for the staking will be recalculated in a ratio of 1:4.

  • 1/4 of the accrued CRU percentages will remain with the user as remuneration for staking.
  • 3/4 of the accrued percentages will be deducted from the account with unblocked CRU and returned to the company.
  • if the account with unblocked CRU does not have sufficient CRU, the difference will be deducted from CRU points placed on the depo-account.

Question 9: Why was the opportunity to purchase CRU EIP disabled for users who do not enter the VIP-club, will it be re-enabled?

Answer: The ability to pay for CRU EIP on certain conditions will be implemented in the near future. If a partner has not paid the club fee, they have a grace period of 3 months during which they can pay for CRU EIP and receive accruals under the CRU partner program. For users registered before 04.05.2020 – 3 months from the launch of the VIP-club (until 04.08.2020 inclusive), for new users – 3 months from the date of registration. If the user has not decided to participate in the VIP-club during the grace period, the opportunity to pay for CRU EIP and receive loyalty program bonuses will be closed for them

Question 10: Will VIP-club members be able to participate in closed Global investment portfolio reporting meetings?

Answer: Yes, members of the VIP-club with personal volumes in CRU from 1000 units or with the Consultant status can participate in closed meetings. Compulsory condition – signing of the Non-Disclosure Agreement (signed once, after signing it is placed in the Personal Account profile).

Question 11: In which Personal Account and on what account are partner program accruals for the club fee made?

Answer: Partner program accruals for VIP-club subscription are made in units to the Academy of a Private Investor (API) Personal Account bonus account.

Question 12: If a newcomer does not become a member of the VIP-club, but wants to create a multilevel crowdfunding business, how will this be possible?

Answer: Any user can create a business by inviting partners to the Academy of a Private Investor and offering API EIP that contain training courses but do not contain bonus CRU points. Also, during the grace period (see Question 9), any user can pay for CRU EIPs containing bonus CRU points, but, at the same time, they do not get access to other benefits and opportunities of the VIP-club.

Question 13: The club fee amount depends on the current status in the company. Do I need to pay the difference for the current month when increasing the status?

Answer: No, you don’t. The club fee will only increase from the next month for a user who has increased the status this month.

For example, a Partner paid 10 units for the VIP-club and became an Agent in 2 days. They keep access to the club and its opportunities, while the Agent fee (20 units) will have to be paid only next month.

Question 14: I subscribed to the VIP-club for 1 month and purchased a CRU EIP Installment. If the club subscription is not renewed before the installment is paid off, what will happen to the installment?

Answer: If the CRU installment is purchased after 4.05.2020, it will be cancelled in the absence of the club fee. The 3 month grace period is also applicable to installments.

Question 15: If a user paid the club fee later than their subordinate partners in the structure, will the user receive bonuses from their club fees?

Answer: No, they won’t.

Question 16: The company gifts 50 CRU points for registration. Will the bonus be accrued to a user only after payment for the club fee or CRU EIP purchase?

Answer: The 50 bonus CRU points are accrued to the user’s CRU Personal Account right after registration. However, gaining access to the CRU Personal Account is only possible after subscribing to the VIP-club.

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