“+20% WCRU”

Dear partners, UGPay Group AG is extending the "+ 20% WCRU" promotion for another 10 days so everyone who hasn’t had the time to do so earlier can take advantage of it!

“+20% WCRU” Promotion Extended to 20 March

Until 20 March 2021 you can become the owner of a share of the Global Investment Portfolio through the purchase of WorldCRU security tokens and receive +20% as a gift.

How to do it:

  1. Top up the UGPay Group Personal Account right now.
  2. Choose a package, purchase it and get +20% WCRU as a gift.
  3. Join the ELITE-club and get a double benefit - from 11 to 100% on top of the purchased amount of tokens.

Please remember:

ELITE-club discount is only valid for packages from the ”Bulk purchase with a discount” category! There are no discounts for products from the ”Piece purchase” category. Access to bulk purchase will be open after subscribing to the ELITE-club.

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