We continue our series of answers to the most popular questions from our customers. Earlier, answers regarding the VIP-club of a Private Investor and the CRU Exchange were published.

6 Most Popular Questions For Our Lawyers

Here we will answer the most common questions coming to our legal department. Ask our lawyers if your question is not answered below.

Question 1: In case of death of a holder of CRU points, how is the certificate of the holder reissued for heirs?

Answer: To reissue the certificate of the holder of CRU points in case of death, we ask you to send the following documents to the support service:

  • Death certificate;
  • An officially executed will (if any);
  • An official letter from the next of kin indicating all family members to determine the priority of heirs.

Question 2: How do you issue a will for your portfolio and wallet to another person in case of death? Is there a form to fill out? What are the next steps? Who certifies this document? How to put your signature? Who will keep the will?

An official letter from the next of kin, its form, is it certified and verified by someone? For example, a deceased partner has only one heir and they are a partner of our company, what should I do in this case?

Answer: To reissue the certificate of the holder of CRU points and/or SW pre-IPO equity shares in case of his death, you need to know and do the following:

The account of the deceased user is not reissued to the heir.

To transfer assets, the heir (or heirs) must be registered and verified with the company, and the profile must be filled in in English (for both the deceased and the heir).

Further, it is advisable to send the following documents to tngcruwill@gmail.com with one letter, which will be checked by our lawyers:

  1. E-mail of the deceased
  2. E-mail of the heir or heirs, if there are several
  3. Death certificate
  4. Certificate of inheritance for actions abroad (issued by a notary)

For CIS countries: The certificate should contain the following wording: “The heirs of the property (name of the deceased) (date of death), whatever it is and wherever it is located outside the Russian Federation, is/are...


A certificate from the inheritance file about who is the heir or heirs and in what proportion, without indicating a specific inheritance (must be certified by a notary).

In other countries:

There are also similar documents with similar wording indicating heirs.

Question 3: Is it possible to make a will to inherit CRU points?

Answer: Today, our employees are developing a special form which will be available in Personal Accounts. Partners will be able to fill out the form and include one individual who, in the event of death, will become the holder of CRU points.

Question 4: Where is CRYPTOUNIT INC registered?

Answer: The company is registered on the British Virgin Islands under number 2009699, our registered office is located at: ABM Chambers, P.O. Box 2283, Road Town, Tortola VG1110, British Virgin Islands. All registration documents and licenses will be published on our website in the near future.

Question 5: Please indicate the deadlines for the appearance of company registration documents in the personal account: licenses, documents related to the legal purity of activity and others, as well as applications from clause 1.2 of the Client Agreement.

Answer: Licenses and registration documents are ready for publication. However, due to the emergency caused by the pandemic, some of the administrative questions were delayed. Our experts are making every effort to expedite the publication. 

We thank you for your patience and apologize for the wait.

Question 6: Is it legal to have assets in the form of cryptocurrency, receive income from them and conduct financial transactions on the territory of the Russian Federation?

Answer: There is no practice of regulating cryptocurrencies in the legislation of the Russian Federation; accordingly, there is no ban on conducting transactions with cryptocurrencies.

Question 7: Clause 1.2 of the concluded Client Agreement does not contain or place documents on the loyalty program and bonus plan. Where can I find these documents?

Answer: Bonus-plan documents are available in the personal account.

Question 8: A partner has verified his personal account, but wants to sell it. Is it possible? Is it possible to sell a personal account if there is a notarized letter?

Answer: No, the sale/transfer of personal accounts is not possible.

Question 9: What is the legal reason for creating the VIP-club of a Private Investor with paid membership? Is this related to any international standard of binding law?

Answer: Legal grounds for creation of the VIP-club are not required. There is no need to associate VIP-club rules with international standards. The VIP-club is governed by the internal rules of the company.

The VIP-club was created for clients of the Academy of a Private Investor (API), who would like to:

  • be participants of the “CryptoUnit” program
  • participate in closed meetings, staking and internal CRU exchange
  • get discounts on educational courses by the Academy of a Private Investor
  • have access to exclusive investment offers

Question 10: What is the position regarding minors? Are parents/guardians allowed to register a personal account and perform operations on their behalf?

Answer: Registration of a personal account for minors and transactions within it are allowed with the written permission of one of the parents.

Question 11: What is the legal status of partners in the event of bankruptcy of the company or an economic collapse? Do partners have protection of assets received as a bonus when paying for EIP, guarantees and the ability to return the money?

Answer: In the event of bankruptcy, all asset holders in various investment projects are entitled to payment in accordance with the law.

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