Beware: Phone Scammers!

Our support service started receiving alarming messages about sudden calls from phone scammers to our partners.

Fraudsters, posing as employees of the legal department of the company, under the pretext of collecting a database of dissatisfied customers and returning them funds, may try to persuade you to disclose your bank card details and a secret security code (CVV2/CVC2). At the same time, for persuasiveness, scammers can name your username and email address registered with the company.

Always remember the key safety rules that will protect you from potential losses:

  1. Never give your account details to anyone: login, password, email address, to which the account is registered.
  2. Never tell anyone your bank card details, CVV2/CVC2 security codes (code on the back) or SMS verification code.
  3. Employees of our company never call customers and do not ask for card details.
  4. Phone scammers are great psychologists, so never rush to answer and don't be afraid to drop the call. Immediately contact the support center from your personal account and report it.

Be vigilant and don't be caught off guard. Otherwise, this will lead to the same outcome - attackers will steal your funds. You are responsible for your own actions. At the same time, the company always strives for high security standards and maximum protection of your funds and interests.