One Name — Many Opportunities

Dear friends, as you can see, our company is developing rapidly. So fast that some of our clients simply got lost in the structure of the company, names, projects and personal accounts.

But now everything will become simpler, clearer and more convenient.

Now all our endless possibilities are under ONE name!

We have created a new brand that will unite all the company’s products into an ecosystem “under one roof”.

Intrigued already?

A big surprise awaits you! Be the first to learn everything in just 5 days during our EVENTI 2020 conference.

Preparations are in full swing behind the scenes: the speakers are getting ready, the equipment is being adjusted, the partners are in a hurry to top up the account so that they can be among the first to buy tickets and be able to double their CRU points and win a CRYPTOUNIT souvenir coin made of pure gold.

Are you ready? 

Are you ready for EVENTI 2020?

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