New Year`s Promotion for New Partners

Not a company, but a real Santa Claus!

An incredible New Year's promotion for new users was announced at the festive webinar on December 29 - every newcomer of the company who registers from January 1, 2021 and fulfills certain conditions of the bonus plan can receive a gift for more than 9000 UNT!!!

It's just enchanting!

Conditions and prizes:

1. Become an “Agent”
 within 15 full days from the date of registration, but before January 31 inclusive, and receive 200 UNT and 3500 CRU points (worth 1000 UNT at this stage of development). Note: 1 UNT = 1 USD

Agent Qualification conditions:
> It is necessary to make a purchase of 200 units.
> It is necessary to personally attract 2 Partners, each making a purchase of 200 units. Read complete Bonus plan

2. Become a “Consultant”
 during January (until January 31 inclusive) and receive 1000 UNT and 35000 CRU points (worth 9000 UNT at this stage of development).  Note: 1 UNT = 1 USD

Consultant Qualification conditions:
> It is necessary to make a purchase of 500 units.
It is necessary to attract 4 Agents in 4 structures, with a minimum of 2 Agents being attracted 
personally, and 2 Agents either personally, or in the depth of the 3rd and 4th and more structures. Read complete Bonus plan

The promotion starts on January 1, 2021. Therefore, if you have been watching us from the sidelines for a long time, now is the time to join and claim your super prize!

Full terms and conditions will be announced on January 1 - the day the promotion starts.