We have three at once! Ones we cannot remain silent about.

There Is Never Too Much Good News, Right?

Imagine - what you have been waiting for the last few months happened...

1. From 10 March 2021, at 12:00 CET (UTC +1), a button for generating an access key to your crypto wallet is waiting for you in your CRU account.

The first ones to gain access to key generation will be our privileged partners - members of the VIP-club of a Private Investor.

The rest - within a few days after the start.

Before generating a key, we strongly recommend that you study the step-by-step instructions and take all security measures.

Text instructions >>

Video Instructions >>

2. The promotion that allows you to get +20% WorldCRU security tokens as a gift has been extended until 20 March 2021 at 21:55 CET (UTC +1)

Don’t forget about the ELITE-club — it will help you get from 11 to 100% additional tokens.

3. 20 March 2021 - official opening of trading on the crypto exchange

Ask your inviter for the registration link. If your inviter does not get in touch or does not take part in the project, contact the support service.