We invite you to the NEEW conference in Tallinn

Great news for all residents and guests of Estonia!

On October 6, 2019, Tallinn will host the NEEW Conference and the presentation of the CryptoUnit Program

Everyone who attends this event will receive classified information that can change your life in a short time!

What do you learn:

  • What is NEEW (New Economic Evolution of the World), and how, by participating in it, we can influence the economy of our country and the whole world.
  • What is the CryptoUnit Program. 
  • How to become a member of the Global Investment Portfolio with the opportunity to receive dividend income.
  • What are the prospects for personal and financial growth awaiting each partner of the company. 
  • How to create your own investment portfolio.
  • How to leave an impressive legacy to their descendants.

Are you ready to take the first step to CHANGE YOUR LIFE? 

Then be sure to come to an event that will help you begin your investor path and build a highly profitable business.

Event Speaker: 

  • Igor Romanenko - Financial Director and Portfolio Manager, Professional investor, private trader; Investment Advisor to the Private Investor Academy; Headed by investment education and customer development NEEW; Asset Management Director, Global Investment Portfolio (CryptoUnit program); Vice President.

Event Lead: 

  • Boris Oyasoo - NEEW Regional Representative in Estonia; Graduate Master Pro; Leading transformational training in the form of "Genius of Finance".

Conference Date: October 6, 2019

Conference program:

  • 10:30 - Registration
  • 11:00 - NEEW / ACHI / CRU: The Path to Financial Freedom 
  • 13:30 - Break
  • 14:00 - Global Investment Portfolio: NEEW and CryptoUnit Program
  • 16:30 - Question - Answer
  • 17:00 - End

Location: Park then the Radisson Inn by the Meriton Conference & Spa is Hotel Tallinn 

Address: Toompuistee 27, Tallinn, Estonia

Contact phone: +37255696226

Concept and principles of the CryptoUnit program