On 9 October 2021, an open MLCI Business Forum was held, where project managers and Evorich top-leaders shared important project news, plans for November 2021 and further growth strategies.

MLCI Business Forum

We have prepared a recording of the webinar and a list of the highlights of the forum for those who could not attend the meeting in person and hear important news firsthand:

  • New official website of UGPay Group AG, update of the Whitepaper and announcement of the date of the resumption of sales of the security-token WCRU.
  • Smart Portfolio project news: the number of licenses sold and the first high results of the service users.
  • uGain news: synchronization between uGain and Evorich, plans for November, when and where the uGain token (UGT) will be presented for the first time.
  • Statistics of the New Digital Evolution "Digital Guarantees" project - over 5 400 licenses were sold in 9 months with a turnover of over $2 million. Project plans and development prospects.
  • Global Unit Pay registration statistics, announcement of a new website and Priority Pass service, congratulations to the winners of the 10 000 UNTB draw, new dates and venue for Crypto Expo Dubai.
  • Preparing the EvoScent project for EVENTI 2021: sending boxes of 8 unforgettable fragrances to Evorich partners. Progress report and plans for the future.
  • Report on the Academy of a Private Investor project: the results of the 10th anniversary, the results of the "Fundamentals of Blockchain", "Qualified Investor" and "Invest-Consultant + Profi-Investor" courses.
  • Events of the "Genius of Finance" project and plans for the next month: what is the "Genius of Finance" training, its educational and business opportunities, what will happen at the training for hosts on October 20 in Dubai.

In the second part of the webinar related to our mission, the speaker of the meeting, Juan Ayala, spoke in detail about the New Economic Evolution of the World, MLCI principles and business model in the Evorich ecosystem.

For more details on all this, see the full version of the post:

Follow the news, and we will continue to tell you about the most interesting project events at the next business meetings!