NEEW Summary Meeting dated November 30

The summary webinar with the CEO of the Consumer Community NEEW - Andrey Fedorovich Khovratov, with over 3000 participants, took place on November 30. We prepared a short overview of the main moments for those who could not personally attend this important meeting.

Speakers at the summary meeting:

  • Andrey Khovratov - CEO of the Consumer Community NEEW, author, creator and CEO of the “Academy of a Private Investor”, author of the “CryptoUnit” program.
  • Mila Serdyukova - Chairperson of the Presidential Council, Consumer Community NEEW partner program President.
  • Igor Romanenko - Consumer Community NEEW portfolio manager, Investment consultant at the “Academy of a Private Investor”, Global Investment Portfolio (“CryptoUnit” program) asset management director.

The summary began with an updated presentation of the New Economic Evolution of the World  from Mila Serdyukova. Next, Mila talked about the reasons for the rebranding of the company, showed the positive sides of ongoing changes, shared the news and announced the prospects for participants of the “CryptoUnit” program:

  • Loyalty Program bonus
  • Opportunity to receive Profi Bonus
  • Opportunity of CRU circulation on a global level
  • Regulated and transparent financing
  • Portfolio capitalization
  • CRU price growth due to asset growth

Next Mila Serdyukova reminded that the Consumer Community NEEW provides an opportunity to create a highly profitable business with the help of multilevel crowdinvesting. Currently, there are over 800.000 people from over 180 countries are registered in our companies, and these numbers are constantly growing. Partners are simultaneously receiving quality investment and financial literacy education and becoming participants of the “CryptoUnit” program Closed club.

What you get from participating in the Closed club?

  • Share in the Global investment portfolio (Unit/CRU points)
  • Involvement in spreading the New Economic Evolution of the World
  • Over 60 investment instruments
  • Loyalty Program bonus and Profi Bonus
  • Quality investment and financial literacy education
  • Opportunity to create an international business without leaving the house

At the end of her presentation, Mila Serdyukova reminded about the importance of completing the “Master Profi” training, which is held in many countries.

“Master Profi”  is an exclusive three-day transformative training from the Consumer Community NEEW, which will help to understand the basics of creating and developing a successful business. More than 5000 partners who completed “Master Profi” realized the importance of education, determined their path to financial freedom, were able to draw up a detailed action plan for success.

Next, the report on the development of the Global investment portfolio was presented by Igor Romanenko. First and foremost he showed the main data and answered the following questions in detail:

  • Structure of the Global Investment Portfolio by segments and objects
  • Highly liquid assets and what objects are included in this sector
  • What segments and objects contributed to the payout of the first Profi Bonus
  • Structure of each segment of the Global investment portfolio

CEO - Andrey Khovratov continued the report.

Main topics of the report:

  • Data over 8 months of development of the “CryptoUnit” program
  • Investment growth dynamics in the Global investment portfolio
  • Goals and tasks for December 2019 for personal growth
  • From stage 8.2 installment plans for EIP payments are available
  • Prospects for 2020
  • Levels of development of the “CryptoUnit” program and plans for the next 10 stages
  • Importance of completing the transformative “Master Profi” training
  • Date of EVENTI2020 has been set - October 19-20, 2020 in Moscow, Russia

Andrey Fedorovich clearly defined the goals and tasks for personal financial growth of each partner for December 2019: 

  • Study the “8 rules of a Private Investor” course
  • Study and practice the “Fundamentals of capitalization” course
  • Study the “8 fundamental principles of success” course
  • Study the “Game of Life” course
  • Create mass personal marketing
  • Hold 10 personal rendezvous per day
  • Internet-marketing: 10-100 registrations per day
  • Create a new team of Leaders in a month
  • Active work with the youth 22-35 years old
  • Systematically visit the game format “Genius of Finance” training
  • Weekly home meetings
  • Over the course of December, create a collage and goals for 2020, write an essay on the topic of “Me in the multilevel crowdinvesting business in a year”

You can watch the “Q&A” section as well as the full recording of the Summary meeting dated November 30 on our YouTube channel:

With hope in the New Economic Evolution of the World, NEEW group of companies&CRU team.

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