The Internal CRU Exchange is here!

Thanks to our mutual efforts, the “CryptoUnit” program has entered a new level. The first unblocking of 1% of Unit/CRU points has already taken place in CRU Personal Accounts, which will soon be reflected in the “Portfolio” section of the CRU Personal Account.

The Internal CRU Exchange is here!

*Unblocking of Unit/CRU points takes place in 350 days (11,5 months) after payment for EIPs which included bonus Unit/CRU points.

On Monday, 09 March 2020, at 12:00 Moscow time (09:00 GMT), as promised, we are launching the internal CRU exchange between participants of the Closed club. The exchange will only be available in the CRU Personal Account in the “Portfolio >> CRU Exchange” section.

Instructions for carrying out an internal CRU exchange using an exchange of UNT for Unit/CRU points as an example:

Step 1: Enter the dedicated exchange page in the Personal Account: Portfolio >> CRU exchange.

The following subsections will be available to you, where you can see and accept requests of other users and manage your applications:

  • All offers: Offers of other users available for exchange.
  • My requests: Exchange requests created by you.
  • My exchanges: History of exchanges carried out by you.

Step 2: Publishing an application.

  2. Enter the amount of units you would like to exchange for CRU points in the “Exchange” field.
  3. After entering the amount of units for the exchange, the system will offer you a range of CRU points for exchange, select and enter the number of CRU points that you want to receive for your amount of units.
  4. Choose a Recipient: private offer to a specific user or a general offer for all participants in the exchange.
  5. Indicate the source of funds (Main or Bonus wallet) and enter the amount you want to be debited (+0.25 units will automatically be added to this amount – transaction fee).
  6. Choose the application deadline.
  7. Check the entered data and press the “PUBLISH THE APPLICATION” button.

Step 3. Your exchange requests are available in the “My requests” section. Here you can manage your applications and delete irrelevant ones.

Things to consider during an internal CRU exchange:

  • Account verification – a prerequisite for submitting or accepting an application.
  • To generate an application for an internal CRU exchange, your Main or Bonus account in the Wallet must have a sufficient amount of UNT, as well as a sufficient number of unblocked Unit/CRU points, respectively.
  • UNT and Unit/CRU points can be entered for exchange in the price range, which is determined depending on the current intrinsic value of 1 CRU.
  • You cannot see your applications on the bulletin board. They are available only in the “My requests” section.
  • Only unblocked CRU points participate in the exchange.
  • At this stage, the internal CRU exchange is available to all participants of the “CryptoUnit” program, in the future the exchange will be available only to members of the VIP-Club of a Private Investor.

Congratulations to all participants of the “CryptoUnit” program on transitioning to such an important stage of development. Together we are doing a good deed for all of humanity, as being co-owners of the companies and production whose services you use is the main component of the New Economic Evolution of the World.

If you are still not a participant of the program for whatever reason, then now is the right time to join in and discover a whole new approach to investing and creating a passive income.

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