Dear partners!

Pictures, videos and articles carrying incorrect Cryptounit Program Information comparing CRU points to other cryptocurrencies started appearing online.

Attention! Important Cryptounit Program Information

We thank everyone who is trying to popularize the “CryptoUnit” program and all of the related advantages, but we strongly recommend not to compare the CRU point to other cryptocurrencies and programs, so as to not discredit their capabilities and to not harm our company.

You can learn about all advantages of the “CryptoUnit” program by visiting weekly webinars. Details about upcoming meetings are available in the “Webinars and Events” section of your Personal Account.

Important! After the CRU token goes public, CRU points will no longer be included in EIPs as a bonus. You will only be able to obtain them on the cryptocurrency exchange by direct purchase.

Going public is scheduled for October-November 2020, and now is the perfect time to increase your share in the Global investment portfolio and give this chance to your friends and relatives!

We would like to remind you that new users who register and purchase participation in the VIP-club of a Private Investor get 350 CRU points.

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