According to the already established good tradition, we congratulate the most active and successful partners who have reached new heights and increased their status in March 2021.

If They Can, So Can You!

We are proud to present our new Managers and Consultants, whose hard work and commitment to the implementation of the New Economic Evolution of the World can become an inspiring example for aspiring multilevel crowdinvesting entrepreneurs.


  • Argondizza Pietro - Italy, Rome
  • Waldo Lopez Yolanda Margarita - United States of America, Humble


  • Al Hajri Mohammed Anwar Humaid Amur - Oman, Muscat
  • Al Hajri Yousef - Oman, Muscat
  • Albani Paola - Italy, Paderno Dugnano
  • Alvarez Alvarez Maria Elena - Colombia, Medellin
  • Arrieta Zambrano Juan Gabriel - Colombia, Bogota
  • Attoh Akuvi Esenam - United States of America, Hagerstown
  • Avila Avila Helen Maritza - United States of America, Huntington Station
  • Ceglia Gennaro - Italy, Cervinara
  • Coter Arnaldo - Italy, Lari
  • Dasmahapatra Sujansen - United States of America, Patascala
  • Guevarra Nerissa - Italy, San Donato Milanese
  • Huertas Jimenez Juan David - Colombia, Yopal
  • Huynh Thi Ngoc Phuong - Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City
  • La Rosa Ramos Edwin Jorge - Peru, Lima
  • Lamichhane Sudip - Nepal, Kathmandu
  • Lê Phương Đông - Vietnam, Hanoi
  • Lieste Edith Tamara - Netherlands, Hillegom
  • Medina Romero Martha Angie - Chile, Antofagasta
  • Muthappa Mahadev - India, Denkanikottai
  • Ouffoue Yao Alphonse - Ivory Coast, Abidjan
  • Pierre Sahadjine Angella - United States of America, Atlanta
  • Possenti Maria Paola - Italy, Montevecchia
  • Raciny Velasquez Olga Alexandra - Peru, Lima
  • Rudra Bahadur Chetry - India, Sonitper
  • Saverino Saverio - Italy, Rafadali
  • Shrestha Bhoj Raj - Nepal, Kathmandu
  • Tovar Enriqueta Lopez - United States of America, Dallas
  • V Periyasamy - India, Tiruchirappalli
  • Valencia Grandez Marco Antonio - Peru, Ventanilla
  • Velez Escobar Maria - Colombia, Retiro
  • Williams Ndeye - United States of America, Tupelo

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