Current price for 1 WCRU is 1 USD. What about the future WCRU value?

Our choice: WCRU

WCRU - How to Get 4 Types of Income With One Tool?

The WCRU token is a digital share (security token) of the Swiss company UGPay Group AG, which gives you the opportunity to become a co-owner of the global investment portfolio. Today the portfolio has an independent valuation of over $1 billion and includes over 20 business sectors in the investment market.

What four types of income are we talking about? Let's see.

  1. Staking - Placing WCRU tokens on a crypto wallet to receive a reward in the form of UNTB tokens.
  2. Loyalty program bonus - (until October 2021).
  3. Profi-bonus - Credited to the owners of WCRU in proportion to the number of tokens from the profit that the company receives from any of its businesses in any of the investment sectors.
  4. WCRU shares - The portfolio's appraised value is skyrocketing, giving rise to the price of each WCRU digital share.

How can you buy WCRU? In the UGPay Group Personal Account. Don`t have it? Register now!

Price: 0.8 UNT. And it will be so low only until 31 August 2021 at 16:59 New York / 21:59 London / 22:59 Rome / 23.59 Moscow time.

Why? On 1 September 2021, transition to the 4th stage of the WCRU development will take place, and the cost of 1 WCRU will be 1 UNT, instead of 0.8 UNT as it is today.

More WCRU today - more income tomorrow.

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Ignore this information at your own risk!