[Webinar] Firsthand: hot news from EVENTI2019: NEEW!

Hot News from Eventi2019
  • What new partners is the company cooperating with?
  • When will the bonus-profi be paid out?
  • When will the company initiate the STO?
  • What instruments are included in the company’s Investment portfolio?
  • How will the bonuses for those who participated in the anniversary of the company EVENTI2019: NEEW be accrued?

All these most interesting news and more await you at the meeting with the CEO of the company, new presidential and leadership council.

Join on Saturday, October 26, at 12:00 Moscow time, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the ongoing NEEW&CRU events! You can ask your questions in advance by filling in the form (you must be a NEEW/CRU member, join here).

The meeting will be held in three languages. Register right now and be the first to learn the latest news!




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