Genius of Finance is a transformational financial and educational training game consisting of a desktop and online version, which aims to teach people financial literacy so that any player can reach a new level of financial well-being and success. 

Genius of Finance will be available to Everyone!

The online version of the training introduces the player to the basic functionality, communication and visualisation, which fulfils all the key functions of the box version.

Each game is your practical tool for introducing the NEEW philosophy and the learning objectives of the Academy of Private Investor (API).

The game has gained popularity with more than 500,000 API partners and is unstoppable in its numbers. An important global trend based on the desire to work for yourself, and not for third parties, allows it to have a raving popularity among young and old alike.

The tabletop version of the “Genius of Finance” game training is available for sale exclusively in the Academy of a Private Investor Personal Account

If you truly care about your financial education... the “Genius of Finance” game training is for you.

In the interview for the TV Expo 44 channel, Andrey Fedorovich Khovratov told about the NEEW program (New Economic Evolution of the World), Academy of a Private Investor and training game "Genius of Finance". 


Genius of Finance” is a game-format training, during which you can work out various investment strategies and certain skills necessary for a financially successful person in practice.

The main advantage of such training is communication: people share their personal experience, gain valuable knowledge, and direct common forces to implement several business ideas at once at the same table in just a few hours of play.

The first batch of the updated “Genius of Finance” game training (boxed version) has already been sent to print in the amount of 10000 pieces in 10 languages.

And the first 1000 games in Russian will go on sale in early September 2020 (subsequent languages will be printed on schedule and will start to go on sale every week).

The boxed version of the game was successfully tested in the Moscow office and received recognition from the company’s management.

Training game "Genius of Finance" - a step towards success and financial independence


  • see new financial opportunities and potentially successful projects;
  • competently manage not only your own money capital, but also the flow of the entire company;
  • make the right financial decisions in real life without damaging your time and wallet;
  • you will be able to develop a personal competent investment strategy for years to come and acquire the mindset of a professional investor.

Now you do not need to waste years of your life to gain experience, applying your knowledge in practice, it is enough to play the "Genius of Finance" training game with your friends and acquaintances a few times.

Do you want to spend time with benefit and learn financial literacy by playing?

Then the "Genius of Finance" training simulator will definitely suit you!