16 September 2021, at 6:00 New York / 11:00 London / 12:00 Rome / 13:00 Moscow / 15:30 New Delhi time

Genius of Finance is an educational and game product, thanks to which anyone can learn to think like an investor and entrepreneur, master financial literacy and start the path from poverty to wealth.

“Genius of Finance” is a kind of simulator that teaches in an intellectual and playful way how to earn more, how to preserve and increase capital. The game helps to avoid financial mistakes in real life, which is very important. ”

- Andrey Khovratov, game creator

In addition, Genius of Finance can become an irreplaceable tool for the development of your MLCI (Multi Level Crowd Investing) business and a source of additional income!

Interested in learning more about the business training opportunities?

Then join a meeting with Anastasia Korotkaya, “Genius of Finance” project manager, this Thursday, 16 September 2021, at 6:00 New York / 11:00 London / 12:00 Rome / 13:00 Moscow / 15:30 New Delhi time.

Meeting program:

  • Acquaintance with the possibilities of the "Genius of Finance" training:
  • The essence
  • Structure
  • Additional income

Speaker of the meeting:

  • Anastasia Korotkaya - “Genius of Finance” Project Manager, certified coach-psychologist according to the international ICTA standard, private investor.

The webinar will be held in several languages at the same time, choose the one that suits you, register and wait for the start of the webinar:

Russian room

English room

Italian room

Spanish room

Vietnamese room

Arabic room

Hindi room

Manipur room

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Make sure to join in!