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We invite you to the second stream of the open free "Fundamentals of Blockchain" course.

Go to the blockchain → Take the test → Get the opportunity to claim 5000 UNTB!

We present to you the second stream of the starter course for getting to know the Cryptounit Blockchain and developing interest in income in various directions. This is a live training with step-by-step mastering of the cryptodirection, video instructions, theory and practice, the ability to ask questions, take tests and receive gifts and discounts.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • For the Academy of a Private Investor and Evorich partners - a conscious understanding of tokens, portfolio investment and the benefits of the Cryptounit blockchain in the NEEW ecosystem;
  • For traders and crypto enthusiasts - acquaintance with new tokens, a new exchange and their advantages, types of income and prospects in the NEEW community;
  • For those interested who have previously heard about blockchain and cryptocurrency, but still do not understand how to make money on it.

The training includes:

  • 4 topics 1.5 - 2 hours each. Main topic + Q&A
  • Ability to create your own cryptowallet during the training
  • Video instructions
  • Tests
  • Gifts and discounts for those who have fulfilled the conditions

Everyone who passes the test with 75%+ and fulfills the simple conditions will receive gifts. Moreover, not one, but as many as three main prizes have been prepared for the participants of the second stream of training!

  1. First place: 5000 UNTB
  2. Second place: 3000 UNTB
  3. Third place: 2000 UNTB

Conditions are the same as on the first stream:


Then connect to a meeting with Olga Skolibog - an entrepreneur with 30 years of experience. The meeting took place on 7 September 2021

Second meeting program:

  • A detailed description of the advantages of tokens, their relationship and the impact of these relationships on the growth of the price of each token 
  • Smart contracts 
  • Release of new tokens and more

Speaker of the meeting:

  • Olga Skolibog is an entrepreneur with 30 years of experience, more than 20 years of experience working with affiliate programs, a certified trainer “Genius of Finance”, a student investor.

Recording of the Second Topic: "Advantages of the Cryptounit Blockchain, Its Tokens, and Functionality"

Recordings: First Topic I Second Topic I Third Topic