[Webinar] Evorich Ecosystem and Its Brands

We invite you to attend an exclusive and informative meeting with Mila Serdyukova on Tuesday, February 23rd, at 13:00 Central European time.

Make sure to connect! An intensive training awaits you, after which you will discover the world of the Evorich ecosystem and understand its brands.

Meeting program:

  • Evorich ecosystem.
  • How to conduct presentations correctly.
  • Q&A

Speaker of the meeting:

  • Mila Serdyukova - partner program President, Director of strategic development of the company, member of the Strategic Department, investment consultant, certified "Master-Profi" coach, international speaker.

The meeting will be held in several languages simultaneously, choose the one that suits you and register in advance.

Russian room

English room

Italian room

Spanish room

Vietnamese room

Arabic room

Hindi room

Manipur room

Tamil room

German room

Dutch room

French room