Training starts on 2 November 2021

Evorich continues recruiting for the “MLCI PRO” training program on scaling and reaching a new level of your business in the field of multilevel crowdinvesting.

Enrollment for the Second Stream of the

The second stream of the training starts on 2 November 2021.

The goal of the program is to transfer cutting edge knowledge to aspiring and current entrepreneurs of MLCI business from industry leaders. This will open up millions of financial opportunities for you and provide you with a chance to gain financial freedom and independence in a short time.

More than 131 people took part in the first stream. Here's what some of them say:

Lobke Opsteen, Netherlands: This training refreshed my dreams and goals and rekindled my inner fire.

Shimreishang Shimray, India: Every session, every speaker, every training was amazing. I learned a lot of new business concepts, knowledge and growth strategies from different teachers. 

Mustafa Bait Mabrook, Oman: I cannot describe in words what I came out with. The training was amazing, it was incredibly interesting to study the power of duplication, social networks, how to be a real leader, how to find your goal, your mission, the formula of dreams, success and destiny, to realize the power of multilevel crowdinvesting (MLCI), to adopt the strategy of building a business in your country. It helps me a lot with presentations, persuasion and communication with people. I learned the power of investment. It improves my skills in leadership, communication, interaction in social networks, self-development.

If you are one of the participants of the first stream and have already completed the training course, but you did not have enough individual consultations with mentors and personal feedback, we recommend that you consider the "Mentoring Program".

And if you are just planning to undergo training in the second stream and want to receive the support of experienced mentors, we recommend using the advantageous offer "MLCI PRO: LEADER'S PACKAGE", which already includes the "MLCI PRO" course and the "Mentoring Program", and even with an additional discount.

Moreover, the price for ALL products of the "MLCI PRO" series is temporarily reduced. Take advantage of the moment!