To the attention of those who wish to take advantage of the ELITE-club benefits and receive from 11 to 100% WCRU with purchases as a gift!

Elite-club: a Great Way to Get More

1. Go to the ELITE-club page and get an annual subscription. At this stage of development, the cost of an annual subscription is only 100 UNT.

2. Click on the "WCRU Packages" button and you will see that you have 2 options for purchasing WCRU in the side menu: "Single purchase" (standard packages without a discount) and "Bulk purchase with a discount" (packages with a significant discount for ELITE-club members).

* If “Batch purchase with a discount” is not displayed in the side menu, please log out of the UGPay Group personal account and re-enter the PA using your username and password.


3. In order to get an ELITE-club discount on packages, you need to pay for goods from the ”Batch purchase with a discount” category!

These are the products that give benefits to members of the ELITE-club. There are no discounts for products from the ”Single purchase” category.