From 9 to 15 December 2019 over 1500 people participate in Cryptounit Program presentations and training events of the NEEW Consumer Community. The meetings were held in several countries at the same time: Russia, Kazakhstan, Australia, India, South Africa, UK and others.

Wonderful Results of Cryptounit Program Offline Presentations

Main topics of the events:

  • what is NEEW (New Economic Evolution of the World);
  • hot news and details of development of the NEEW Consumer Community;
  • importance of financial and investment literacy education from the Academy of a Private Investor;
  • importance and prospects of completing the three-day transformative “Master-Profi” training;
  • CryptoUnit program presentation;
  • plans for future development of the CryptoUnit program.

The record for the number of participating guests was taken by India. Events took place in two cities of the country on December 13 and 15, where over 600 people took place.

India was a leader in Cryptounit Program Offline Presentation

In Russia business conferences and CryptoUnit program presentations took place in the following cities: Podolsk, Sevastopol, Tarko-Sale, Sterlitamak, Tumen and others. Practically all meetings ended with the educational “Genius of Finance” game-training.

Read the astounding reviews of those who visited Cryptounit Program / NEEW Community events:

I liked everything very much. The material is professionally selected. There was a competent presentation of the material. The main goal of the conference is education. All attention is focused on the development of a person as a person, so that they feel in demand. Thanks to this, the life of people will be filled with harmonious and positive moments. We feel our involvement in something big and bright.” Participant of the business conference on December 14, Sevastopol.

“I was struck by the scale of the project. I gained confidence that I was in the right place. Impressed by the tools of the Global Investment Portfolio and by the Cryptounit Program itself. Plans are designed for decades to come – this gives confidence and future prospects. People who promote the project are professionals.” Participant of the business conference on December 14, Sevastopol.

“The training really reflects people: what they are in life now. This game is like a mirror of a person’s life. The game has a great learning factor, which allows and gives you the opportunity to look at yourself from the side. I seriously thought about how to distribute my money. Whether to lend or not, to take a loan or not, what to do when opportunities come to you. The host professionally showed us our mistakes, how we miss our opportunities. The training influenced me and I realized that today I got a very concentrated experience. Now I will put knowledge into practice.” Participant of the “Genius of Finance” game-training on December 15, Sevastopol.

“I heard about the NEEW Consumer Community for the first time and immediately decided to come to the conference on December 14th. But the information that I heard struck me with its scope and numbers. I am very grateful to the representatives for coming to us. I immediately purchased a large package in installments. Both children and grandchildren will buy educational information packages. Almost everyone who came wanted to become members of the Cryptounit Program closed club. Thanks to Galina Vasilievna Fetisova for the presentation. I would like to work with such a serious company.” Valentina Sitko, Tarko-Sale.

CryptoUnit Program offline presentation in Russia

“After the presentation on the activities of the NEEW Consumer Community, I just got excited. I can’t even believe that it is happening. Of course, I immediately became a member of the closed club and I will actively share this opportunity with relatives and friends. I want to be close to such advanced and interesting people as your representatives. There is a lot of information, everything does not immediately fit into the head.” Melnikova G.F., Tarko-Sale.

“On December 10, a business conference was held by G.V. Fetisova I really liked the presentation, the design of the hall. People had a lot of questions, which the speaker clearly answered. Time passed quickly and interestingly in a warm relaxed atmosphere. After the event, the newcomers went to the office where the “Finance Genius” game-training was held. It is necessary to conduct such events, communicate, learn company news and plans for the future.”  Tukhvatullina G.N., Tyumen.

“I was invited to the conference on December 10. At first everything was as usual, then we were pleased with the promotion. And then Galina Vasilyevna congratulated me on the status of Consultant for an affiliate program and presented a certificate. It was very nice. Thank you very much for such attention and such important events for our city.” Kalinina Larisa, Tyumen.

In Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, Business-Conferences and CryptoUnit program presentations were held. Over 150 people participated. All participating guests of events got a load of emotions, some left impressive reviews:

“I liked today’s event. Firstly, this is a meeting with business partners who have become close and dear to you. Secondly, this is the arrival of pretty high leaders with good news and information. The hall was full. The news pleased everyone. The atmosphere in the room was very warm. For beginners, there was simple and accessible information. Thank you all.” Participant of events in Pavlodar.

Participants of Cryptounit Program Presentation in Kazakhstan, Pavlodar

“Dear partners, those who were not at the event! Do not stay with yourself, leave the house, meet with partners, come to the office! We really need you and those who are not here! You are in the right place at the right time! Everything goes according to plans, good changes await us!” Participant of events in Pavlodar.

“Today a very productive meeting was held, which, I think, helped many guests and partners understand the concept of the NEEW Consumer Community and its future development strategy. People heard very interesting directions from the leaders. It is very nice to see young people who are looking to the future and see that technology is increasingly being introduced into our lives.” Participant of events in Pavlodar.

The New Economic Evolution of the World is conquering the hearts of partners and newcomers around the world. Practically everyone who comes to the NEEW presentation for the first time becomes a participant of the CryptoUnit Program Closed club.