Dear partners, we are pleased to announce that we have prepared a text version of the CRYPTOUNIT blockchain crypto wallet guide.

Cryptounit Blockchain Guide

Crypto Wallet is an application created for storing and transferring CRYPTOUNIT blockchain tokens, with the further possibility of managing them, displaying the received income from staking and other actions.

In anticipation of the official launch of the CRYPTOUNIT blockchain, we recommend that you carefully study the instructions for creating your own cryptocurrency wallet on the CRYPTOUNIT blockchain and ensure the safety of your funds by correctly generating and securely safeguarding your cryptocurrency wallet address and secret phrase.

Attention! The ability to generate a secret phrase (Seed Phrase), which will later be required to authorize a user in a crypto wallet, is only available to users who are registered and verified in the CRU Personal account.

We ask you to take the creation of a crypto wallet with responsibility and thoroughly study the instructions.