After the launch of the updated exchange of unblocked CRU points for UNT, we receive quite a lot of questions from our clients. We collected the most common and answered them.

CRU Exchange Answers to the Most Popular Questions

Question 1: How long is the application for the exchange of unblocked CRU points for UNT published for? 

  • Answer: The application is published for 24 hours. If the application is not answered after a day, such application is annulled and CRU points are returned to the account. This time period is the most fitting so all partners can have an equal chance to close deals.

Question 2: Why is only one application executed when forming several identical applications? 

  • Answer: Several applications can be generated every day, but only one application of each item will be executed during the day. Thus, all partners have equal chances to make an exchange.

Question 3: Previously, there was an opportunity to exchange by login, why was it canceled? 

  • Answer: After analyzing the previous exchange, we noticed that some partners developed a scheme for buying up unblocked CRU points from other partners at a price much lower than the price set for the exchange, which caused a wave of speculation. We canceled this opportunity and equalized the chances to make an exchange between all users.

Question 4: Is it possible to transfer my unblocked CRU points to my partners as a gift? 

  • Answer: At this stage of the CryptoUnit program development, there is no possibility of transferring CRU points between participants.

Question 5: Why do I not see the application in the general list of applications when publishing an application for the exchange of unblocked CRU points for UNT? 

  • Answer: When placing an exchange application, your application is only visible in the general list to other users. Your own application is not visible from your Personal Account.