Congratulations to Participants of Data Mining Promo: It's Time to Announce the Results!

You have probably seen the announcement of the results of the "DATA MINING PROMO" at Eventi 2020. We hasten to remind you of the results of the insane race for leadership.

The battle for first place was intense and exciting. Many took part in the promotion, all participants from 1st to 75th place will receive a guaranteed reward. But only five of the best will receive special prizes.

Time to announce the results:

The fifth place is taken by Lucia Alfano from sunny Italy, the number of points is 254. Your prize: microphone + ring light plus 1000 CRU points.

In fourth place is Giuseppe Pisani, also from Italy, with a total score of 287 points. Congratulations, your prize: webcam + 1000 CRU points!

The third place was taken by Vladimir Bulatov from Belarus, the number of points - 361. You have a choice: Samsung or Apple smartphone? Decide soon! Also, 1000 CRU points are credited to your account.

Silver winner is Narantuya Agvaanjamaa from Mongolia. The number of points is 375! The prize consists of a laptop and 1000 CRU points. Congratulations!

And finally, first place: Christopher Charles Crassweller with a total score of 450! We congratulate you on your victory and present a coaching session with the CEO of the company - Andrey Khovratov, as well as a laptop and 1000 CRU points!

The leaders of your regions will contact you shortly to present you with the well-deserved award. And CRU gift points have already been awarded to all winners, check the balances of your portfolios in the CRU PA!

Congratulations to everyone who was included in the list of winners, and we wish all your plans to be implemented as soon as possible!

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