18 September 2021, at 8:00 New York / 13: London / 14:00 Rome / 15:00 Moscow / 17:30 New Delhi time

UGPay Group AG is a company that launched a global project in the field of fintech and blockchain technologies, investing in 20 areas of the economy.

Closed Reporting Meeting for Evorich Members

Working in the high-tech market, UGPay Group AG strives to bring benefits to the community and provide investors and professional market participants with a tool for stable and reliable earnings on a proven business model.

The company's activities are completely transparent. At monthly meetings, the management shares information, gives its vision of the current situation, and shows the results of its investment ideas. But it is impossible to speak completely openly about some of the nuances and further development plans. This can cause serious damage. That is why it is necessary to protect company secrets.

And there are a number of prerequisites for those who want to get access to insider information:

  • Be in the status of a Consultant or higher under the Evorich partner program;
  • or have a personal purchase volume of 1000 UNT over any period of time
  • Sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement

Are the conditions met?

Excellent! Then we invite you to a closed reporting meeting with the management of the company on the development of the global investment portfolio on Saturday, 18 September 2021, at 8:00 New York / 13: London / 14:00 Rome / 15:00 Moscow / 17:30 New Delhi time.

Host of the webinar:

  • Juan Ayala - Evorich Leader in the USA, representative of the Council of Ambassadors, international speaker, graduate of the “MLCI Marathon 260” training .

Speakers of the webinar:

  • Andrey Khovratov - Author and General Director of the Academy of a Private Investor, author of the concept of the New Economic Evolution of the World, multidisciplinary professional investor, consultant for the preservation, augmentation and management of private capital, the best coach and business trainer in financial and investment personal development of 2018 according to Melon Rich and Finance Times magazines.
  • Artem Kabanov - Asset manager with 7 years of experience in this field, financial analyst, developer of the Strategy for working with mutual funds, has FSFR basic and 1.0 certificates.

Meeting program:

  • Report from the Finance Department.
  • Important news from Andrey Khovratov.

The webinar will be held in Russian, English, Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese, Manipur, Arabic, German, Tamil, Dutch, French and Hindi.

If you meet the above conditions, a letter will be sent to your email from the address (Organizer) with an individual link to enter the webinar room the day before the start of the webinar.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to find out insider information firsthand.

P.S. We draw your attention to the changes in the schedule of reporting meetings: from September 2021, the MLCI Business Forum will be held every second Saturday, and a closed UGPay Group reporting meeting - every third Saturday of the month.