Awakening Your Inner Genius of Finance is Simple!

Very soon, an updated version of the already beloved "Genius of Finance" board game will be on sale. This training is suitable for absolutely everyone and is able to radically change one’s consciousness after the first game.

The main advantage of such training is communication: people share their personal experience, gain valuable knowledge and direct common forces to implement several business ideas at once in just a few hours of play at the same table.

What you will learn by playing “Genius of Finance”:

  • see new financial opportunities and potentially successful projects;
  • competently manage not only your own money capital, but also the flow of the entire company;
  • make the right financial decisions in real life without damaging your time and wallet;
  • you will be able to develop a personal competent investment strategy for years to come and acquire the mindset of a professional investor.

Now you do not need to waste years of your life to gain experience, applying your knowledge in practice, it is enough to play the "Genius of Finance" training game with your friends and acquaintances a few times.

Do you want to spend time with benefit and learn financial literacy by playing?

Then the "Genius of Finance" training simulator will definitely suit you!

Coming soon, stay tuned!

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