Are You on Time? Last Day of Cool Deals

Significant and long-awaited events are taking place right before your eyes - the launch and market entry of some of our own and partner projects. A year ago, we just dreamed about them and made plans. Today, these are highly competitive and (why be modest) one-of-a-kind innovative proposals.

Each of our achievements and prospects of the company as a whole attract more and more customers and partners. This accelerates the implementation of the shares (CRU points) of our Global Portfolio, and their inevitable growth.

In this regard, we are obliged to remind you of crazy offers, which will be closed forever by the end of today (November 30).

1. The opportunity to receive CRU points as a gift to everyone who supported us from the very beginning.

Everyone who became a client of the company (formerly SWIG) from October 1, 2014 to October 1, 2020, will receive CRU points (shares in the Global CRU Program Portfolio) as a gift!

Hundreds of people have already become members of the VIP-club of a Private Investor, opened a CryptoUnit (CRU) program personal account, passed verification and are expecting their present - a share in the Global Investment Portfolio. This is understandable, since this is the most generous offer we have ever made!

2. Cool gifts from Andrey Khovratov personally.

  • +30% CRU points to everyone who, from November 1 to November 30 inclusive, purchases any EIP (or several) containing CRU points
  • + 100% CRU points to everyone who, from November 1 to November 30 inclusive, purchases any product from the EIPGO PRO RECRUITING MASTERY category

Learn more about the offer here.

3. Change of stage of development

Today is the last day of the 4th stage of the II part of CRU program development. Tomorrow, on December 1, stage 5 will begin, which will inevitably entail a reduction in the discount by an average of 51%.

You can find a comparison table of discounts in the news feed of the CRU personal account.

4. Discounts on DM CPA "FAMILY" and CPA "BUSINESS" tariffs

You can connect to the Data Mining project on special conditions with discounts up to 30% only until December 1, 12:00 Moscow time.

In order to take advantage of the pleasant discount and gain access to innovative tools for developing your social media accounts, you must:

  1. Follow the link.
  2. Pay for access to the “Data Mining” technology.

Top up the balance of your personal account right now in order to have time to become a part of the development history of our company on the best terms!

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