Facts about past NEEW events

Joyless existence awaits those who are willing to take responsibility for their financial life upon themselves right now.

Robert Kiyosaki

From November 18 to 25 over 750 people had the chance to participate in conferences and educational events of the NEEW group of companies. The meetings were held in several countries simultaneously: Russia, Estonia, Spain, Ukraine and others.

Past events really make all participants turn their minds around. Partners who went through NEEW training events confidently create lists of their most important goals, develop algorithms of actions to achieve them. Exclusive knowledge received at the events makes it easy to translate any dream into reality.

Main topics of the meetings:

Special attention should be given to the transformative “Master-Profi” training which was held on November 22-25 in Moscow. Over 30 participants of the training from several countries (Russia, Estonia, Italy, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan) adopted decades of experience of our leaders in 3 days.

Graduates of “Master-Profi” were discussing the opportunities now available to them with inspiration. The newly discovered prospects are not only in achieving new “CryptoUnit” program bonus plan statuses, but also in the opportunity to participate in the NEEW group of companies work as specialists, engineers, technologists, marketers, accountants, auditors, secretaries, translators, designers and representatives of any other profession in the structure of the NEEW group of companies.

New Economic Evolution of the World is conquering the hearts of partners and newcomers around the world. Practically all who come to a NEEW presentation for the first time become participants of the “CryptoUnit” program Closed club. Because awareness of what we are doing together is a convincing argument for spreading NEEW around the world.

Here and now you too have your chance!