Questions About Data Mining Answered

Recently, we announced a new exclusive product, necessary for anyone who is developing a business on the Internet and on social networks in particular. The announcement and subsequent online presentations of the Data Mining (DM) project caused a stormy response among our partners. In anticipation of the launch of the project, many similar questions started coming to our support center about how it works, so we decided to collect answers to the most popular of them.

1. How does Data Mining work? Describe the process briefly.

An Internet user (online entrepreneur) connects their social networks to an artificial intelligence server through our personal account. After connecting, the user becomes a miner. Artificial intelligence chooses a search strategy for potential friends and business partners, searches for friends and initiates the acquaintance process. Tens of thousands of friends from all over the world are added to different accounts of the miner. At the following stages (after the growth of the miner’s friends base to several tens or even hundreds of thousands of people), artificial intelligence analyzes the entire database for user preferences of all friends and, using a digital double of the person in each account, initiates correspondence with friends regarding cooperation, investment, communication, purchase and sale of goods and services. Thus, with the help of artificial intelligence, you can expand the base of your friends, find new partners and customers.

2. Will I be able to get a Digital Double after purchasing any Data Mining tariff?

Yes, subject to all conditions indicated on the Academy of a Private Investor website. A detailed list of conditions and requirements for obtaining a Digital Double without payment will be published shortly. Follow our announcements.

3. What exactly will I get after purchasing any tariff?

You will receive an analytical module that will help you with finding a database of potential friends, customers and business partners, as well as new friends in your accounts on all linked social networks. We build an ecosystem of all mined contacts and added friends and can offer them our products and services in the future (as well as the goods and services of our partners). As a miner, you can receive a portion of the profits from each sale made by us within this new database.

4. What social networks will be available for Data Mining? Provide the full list.

Linkedin, Facebook, Wechat, QQ,, KakaoTalk, Line,,,, as well as a number of niche social networks for millionaires and databases of investors.

5. Upon purchasing any package, i.e. “Basic”, which includes search up to 5000 friends, will it be possible to purchase the “Basic” package monthly to launch new mining and connect up to 5000 new friends monthly?

It is possible, but it makes no sense. Rather than paying 100 units each time, it is easier to upgrade to 250 units once and get an unlimited number of accounts for all social networks.

6. Why is Data Mining available only to members of the VIP-club of a Private Investor?

Firstly, because it is a unique product that has never been on the market. Members of the VIP-club will have access to it first as the most active members of the community who deeply understand our philosophy, principles, and have proven their loyalty in practice.

Secondly, due to load balancing on our servers. If we open the product to everyone, the demand for the product may be so great that our servers may not withstand the load that will be created at launch. In the future, we are likely to open the product to all members of the Internet community.

7. How long after payment for any tariff will my account be Data Mining? And after how much time will I be able to pay the tariff again to get even more friends?

Time limits are set only by yourself. The license is one-time and lifetime. After purchasing the license, you do not need to pay anything else. To get even more friends, just select a different type of license and switch to using it.

8. Can I buy several tariff plans at the same time?

You can simply switch between tariff plans within the same account, making upgrades (tariff increase). It is not possible to buy several tariff plans for one account.

9. Is it possible to change my account to another after some time after paying the tariff? Or is it possible to test Data Mining on one account, and then change it to my personal account?

You can connect any personal account. But if it is a fake account with incorrect data about you, social networks can suspend your account, as this violates their policy. You can connect another account at any time or disconnect the account from data mining.

10. How will new friends stay subscribed to my account? Will they need to be interested in and motivated by something? Daily posts, for example?

After accepting the invitation to become your friend, people will remain your friends, as it is their conscious choice to be friends with you. Obviously, the more interesting your profile is, the more people will want to be friends with you. You may not support the profile or update it in any way, but if you update it, it will be a good basis for making new friends.

11. Do you guarantee that new friends will be real people, not bots with blank pages?

Yes, we do guarantee it. We only find real friends with real profiles. There is a small chance that there is no live person behind the account, but such accounts will not add you to friends and social networks will block them over time. There are approximately 1% of such accounts. The remaining 99% are living people, and you will already see this within the first days from the start of mining. You can write to your new friend after they become one to make sure that we find only real people, not bots and blank pages. Bots and blank pages usually find services to increase the number of subscribers. But they have motivation – the more subscribers, the more you pay them. Our license is fixed and our business is to find real people and to enter into communication with them in the future, and not to constantly find bots for you that are useless for real sales.

12. Is it obligatory to pay for additional services on social networks?

No, it is not obligatory. Payment of additional services allows you to speed up the mining process, but this service is only for those who have chosen an aggressive business building strategy and want to speed up the process. Ordinary miners, that is, those who choose the classic strategy, do not need to pay anything extra.

13. Will social network managers ban my account? What should I do if my account is banned?

For your understanding, even if you do something yourself and your activity attracts the attention of a social network, it can temporarily suspend your account. It has nothing to do with our service. In most cases, social networks care whether you are a real person. When you prove that you are not a robot, your account will be unblocked. Our service does nothing that a person can’t do themselves in terms of activity, we do not anger social networks, on the contrary – we help social networks in their work to develop the accounts of individual users.

14. What real result can I rely on when using Data Mining?

First and foremost, all your accounts on all social networks will actively develop and grow into a friends base. In the future, we will share the profit from each sale on social networks with you. All statistics oт the activity of the miner will be available in your Personal Account.

15. Is Data Mining legal?

Data mining is absolutely legal until the miner begins to use mining tools for illegal purposes or in the sale of prohibited goods. Our artificial intelligence carefully monitors the use of data mining tools and blocks users who violate the rules. The essence of data mining is simple networking using technological tools, which in turn do not collect, transmit or process personal data, but only recommend friends based on your interests and goals, acting exclusively within the legal framework.

16. Do I need to somehow prepare accounts before starting Data Mining, especially if the account was created recently?

We recommend using old accounts. Social networks do not like new accounts and are slightly biased towards them. It will be ideal if you find your old accounts on different social networks and restore access to them. If you do not have an account and you have a new one, be prepared for the fact that data mining will be very slow at the start. Special account preparation is not required, but maintaining your page so that people want to be friends with you is a general advice to all users of social networks.

17. What information should my account contain? Should it only be content with information about our company, or can the content be on absolutely any topic?

It is advisable to publish content about yourself and your life – interests, travels, thoughts, ideas. People do not like to be friends with commercial accounts, they are afraid that these accounts added them as friends for advertising only. A simple and understandable account is the best way to friendship with a large number of people.

18. Your recommendations on working with Data Mining.

  • Use an old account, if possible.
  • Maintain the account so that people want to be friends and chat with you.
  • Do not engage in active sales in a new database of friends, do not bother people too often, try to do everything so that friendship with you is a joy, then people will want to cooperate with you in the future.

In addition to answering your questions, we are publishing a 6-month roadmap for the project.

Data Mining (DM):

  • 15 July – start of DM sales
  • 15 September – adding Facebook
  • 15 November – adding VK, WeChat
  • 15 December – first test sales on the DM network

Digital Doubles (DD):

  • Data collection for digital doubles:
  • Google-form for the initial training of an individual digital double (2-4 weeks from the start of Data Mining sales)
  • Data collection for the form (1-2 weeks)
  • Structuring this data (1-2 weeks)
  • Filling out the form (1 week)
  • Neural network training in automatic responses (2-4 weeks)
  • Enrichment of an active robot with this neural network (2 weeks)
  • Total timeframe ~ 3 months
  • August 15 – creation of a test group to start working with DD
  • Testing – 2-3 months before the opening of Digital Doubles for members of the VIP-club of a Private Investor

Finally, the answer to the main question – how to access data mining:

  • Become a member of the VIP-club of a Private Investor (New or previously registered partners who purchase membership in the VIP-club FOR THE FIRST TIME until 14 July 2020 will get a valuable present!)
  • Wait until 15 July – start of Data Mining service sales.
  • Choose a tariff and pay for access.
  • Follow further instructions.

Get access to the Data Mining service and you will forget about routine, freeing up valuable time for yourself and your family.



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