We are 5 years old!

Friends, today we are 5 years old!

On this day in 2014 our company started operating and met its first partners. And we are unbelievably proud that many of them are still with us. From a small company with a dozen employees, we have grown into a large international group of companies.

We did it!

We managed to hold out for five years doing what nobody has ever done before, setting the tone of development for the multilevel crowdinvesting industry - which is a huge achievement in itself, while simultaneously helping many partners gain financial freedom and independence… which is somewhat close to heroic.

We had both ups and downs. Everything was happening before your eyes. We would like to thank you for walking down this path with us, thank you for your support and participation, without you we wouldn’t be able to do it..

We would like to invite everybody who is involved and wants to learn more about us to celebrate our achievements at EVENTI2019: NEEW - the anniversary summary conference in New Delhi on October 12-13!

Details of EVENTI2019: NEEW.

Concept and principles of the CryptoUnit program