Working with blockchain and cryptocurrencies is directly related to your finances. Therefore, we would like to remind beginners in the field of cryptocurrencies of two basic rules that will help you make the process of registering a crypto wallet and making transactions in the blockchain safe and ensure you do not lose your tokens.

2 Most Important Rules for Working With Crypto Wallets

1. When registering a crypto wallet in your CRU account, save your address and the generated SEED phrase in several places at once (on a USB flash drive and on paper) and store them in a safe place.

When registering a new wallet on the blockchain itself, also save the backup key.

! Losing your SEED phrase and backup key is like losing all your digital assets beyond recovery! Take this very seriously.

2. When transferring funds to another user or to the exchange, check the correctness of the address and the amount of the transaction.

! Any transactions on the blockchain cannot be canceled or changed.

Study step-by-step text and video instructions below and share them with partners. And remember, the responsibility for your funds lies only with you!